February 1 2024  |  Food & Beverage

DFMi gives a taste of next generation of bread with new partnership

By Jane Hobson

Bread & Bread offers several artisan baked goods

DFMi is highlighting Bread & Bread as its second new supplier partnership of 2024.

Bread & Bread specializes in mass production of specialty artisan items. Its state of the art production lines, based at its Miami, Florida factory, are capable of manufacturing many kinds of breads, including authentic focaccias, pastries, mini cakes as well as South and Central American favourites such as Brazilian cheese buns (pão de queijo), Colombian Pan de Bono and Arepas.

The products are produced, baked (or par-baked), flash frozen and sold frozen in order to maintain freshness and taste. Bread & Bread is capable of duplicating and improving any bread recipe in accordance with the airline's needs. Packaging is also a strong advantage as it offers different formats to choose from: bulk, individually wrapped and ovenable foil.

With its head baker a member of the Di Lucia family, the company offers products in a traditional European style

Bread & Bread now offers a new line of nutritious breads: High Protein Bread (low carb), Chia Bread, Quinoa Bread and European Corn bread.

Bread & Bread dates back to 1954 with the Di Lucia family, known is Italy for its traditional bread manufacturing. Today, the companies head baker is a third generation Di Lucia, bringing authentic Italian and European expertise to recipes.

DFMi is celebrating Bread & Bread as one of its new suppliers for 2024, with more announcements to come soon. The company highlighted B’Cuz Snacks last week, a woman-owned business that operates with the tagline “A bite away from happy.” B'Cuz Snacks are plant-based, dairy-free and gluten-free.

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