January 24 2024  |  Food & Beverage

DFMi showcases supplier partnerships for 2024

By Jane Hobson

DFMi is partnering with B'Cuz Snacks

DFMi is set to announce some exciting partnerships with suppliers this year, starting with B’Cuz Snacks. A woman-owned business, B’Cuz operates with the tagline “A bite away from happy™” and is plant-based, dairy-free and gluten-free. The granola snacks are the first of several products that DFMi will showcase in the coming weeks.

“B’Cuz granola snacks are more than a brand,” DFMi said in its press release. “It’s a reminder to appreciate the small things, enjoy the finer things and lead the life you want to lead. Their snacks are made for the body, mind and spirit using the healthiest ingredients and without compromising on flavour. They are proud of their products and what they represent.”

The B’Cuz snacks are individually packaged for easy distribution among travellers. The bite-sized granola comes in two sizes and re-sealable packaging. The product is made in an SQF Level 2 Certified facility that uses recycled paper for the box packaging to remote sustainability.

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