December 14 2021  |  Food & Beverage

A new shape for Le Must prestige condiments

By Rick Lundstrom

The Le Must Premium line

Suppliers for cabin service in commercial and business aviation have been adapting products for the reality that their customers are experiencing; while at the same time dealing with supply chain realities that require flexibility. In the case of prestige condiment supplier Le Must, the ability to adapt quickly is largely responsible for its latest product offering.

When the company’s original France-based glass jar supplier began experiencing supply-chain issues, Le Must assessed the situation and decided to add a supplier to its roster, one that offers a petite, stylish jar size.

The supply bottlenecks began in late spring, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time, says Le Must Managing Partner and Creator Moshe Cohen. Over the summer, Le Must hit a surge in business as COVID restrictions lifted and travel and hospitality customers started reopening.

The Le Must Deluxe line

Le Must, a company with French origins, found a new bottle maker that produces customized bottles for wine and beer. Together, the companies developed condiment jars that are slightly smaller than its original iconic Deluxe line. Called the Premium line, this bottle size gives new and existing customers more options, while still offering the same luxury condiments, preserves and spreads.

“The Premium line is a perfect fit for business-jet customers and airlines. The jars are stackable, easy to store and weigh less. Less product per jar means less waste. We feel this new product appeals to customers that couldn’t necessarily use us before,” Cohen tells PAX International.

Like the Deluxe line, the Premium prestige condiments are available in chic and sophisticated trays to enhance the overall appearance. For a creative look, Le Must partnered with Miami-based Cuban American artisan Manny Avila to create a limited edition of the condiment display trays. The Natura collection features a genuine olive-wood detail blended with acrylic for a half-and-half final product.

Le Must's hand-harvested sea salt, fresh cracked pepper, and white and brown sugar

Cohen adds that Le Must’s line of prestige hand-harvested sea salt, fresh cracked pepper, and white and brown sugar has been popular since it launched in spring among its hospitality customers, most of which are major international hotel brands. The salt, pepper and sugars can be branded with the customer logo.

In the future, Cohen says Le Must may add chipotle sauce and sriracha sauce to its Deluxe and Premium condiments offering. He says the company can customize its product line to tailor to its customers’ needs, including creating different versions of the existing condiments and introducing new ones.

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