April 6 2021  |  Food & Beverage

Le Must introduces luxury salt, pepper and sugar

By Jane Hobson

Le Must condiment company tells PAX International that it has expanded its offering with individually packaged prestige hand-harvested sea salt, fresh cracked pepper, and white and brown sugar.

Le Must has introduced "accents" to its offering, including organic white and brown sugar

Packaged in transparent biodegradable and compostable PLA bioplastic, the salt, pepper and sugar “accents” support the “green mandate” for airlines to get rid of single-use plastics, Moshe Cohen, Le Must Managing Partner and Creator, tells PAX.

The clear plastic packaging features a marked slit for intuitive opening. The rigid material ensures a good grip, even with wet hands. Passengers can see exactly how much of the accent they are adding to their food, resulting in a better user experience that enhances the taste of the meal. The practical design is appealing, revealing the high-quality ingredients through the package making it suitable for front of cabin classes. And, it eliminates the typical annoyances that come with using paper salt and pepper packets.

Le Must salt, pepper and sugars are lightweight, disintegrate in landfill and can come with clear, reusable display for a clean and thoughtful appearance on tables and trays

“Think of the experience one has when pouring sugar from a paper packet in a steaming hot coffee. It's quite unpleasant actually,” Cohen says. “Open the packet too vigorously, and half the sugar pours on your tray table. If your fingers are wet, the sugar now sticks to the packet and won't come off. It's messy. And it doesn't get any better with salt and pepper. You end up sprinkling too little, or too much. You can't see the product, so you can't dose properly.”

Le Must organic brown sugar

Le Must organic sugar

The products are lightweight, disintegrate in landfill and can come with clear, reusable display for a clean and thoughtful appearance on tables and trays. The classy labels are printed with soy ink. The line is the first in the world see-through, single-serve accents with USDA Organic and bio-based seals, Cohen says.

Le Must grey sea salt

“It’s an honest product. What you see is what you get,” Cohen says. “It’s a simple way to deliver an amazing message from the airline that says, ‘Hey, we care,’” he says, adding that the see-through packaging also serves as an invitation for all five senses. “Luxury, or an elevated experience, is the sum of these details.”

Le Must cracked black pepper

This news comes on the heels of Le Must announcing that a number of successful hospitality properties are carrying the company’s single-use USDA Organic certified condiments and preserves, including Ritz-Carlton Bacara Santa Barbara Resort, Four Seasons Philadelphia, Park Hyatt Aviara San Diego and Hotel Jerome in Aspen. Le Must condiments include Chef’s Classic Ketchup, Artisan’s Mayonnaise and Gourmet Yellow Mustard, among other flavors, and preserves, honey and hazelnut spread.

Organic fruit spread in strawberry, apricot and wild berry

Cohen says the salt, pepper and sugars were a natural addition to the lineup.

“We do not offer center-of-plate solutions, but enhancements. After condiments and preserves, salt, pepper and sugar are the ultimate challenge as you can't get any more ‘commoditized’ than those products. This challenge was exciting to me, and I spent some of those slower months of the pandemic reimagining what a new single-serve packet could look like."

Next on the list is peanut butter and maple syrup in high-end single-serve offerings. Le Must all-natural peanut butter will be introduced in coming months, followed by maple syrup to complete the single-serve collection. Beyond that, Cohen says there may be some unique creations such as truffle ketchup, chipotle mayonnaise and Dijon mustard with green peppercorn.

Moshe Cohen, Partner and Creator, Le Must

Mini Q&A with Le Must

PAX International: What does ‘Le Must’ mean?

Moshe Cohen, Partner and Creator: The direct translation of Le Must is "The Ultimate." It's a play on words. The French denominator "Le" evokes the European tradition of culinary excellence. "Must" because we are an American company. In a sense, Le Must is the meeting of the old and new worlds, where modern luxury and sophistication meet know-how and tradition.

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