February 3 2022  |  Airline & Terminal News

Digital transformation majorly changing how airlines buy uniforms, says SKYPRO

By Jane Hobson

If the pandemic has highlighted anything, it is the application of digitalization in the aviation industry. From digital boarding passes for a touchpoint-reduced passenger journey or forecasting uniforms through SKYPRO's mySKYPRO Portal, automated processes are here to stay - and help.

"There is no single industry immune to digital transformation," SKYPRO CEO Jorge Pinto tells PAX International. "Therefore, it is necessary to precisely understand what this transformation means, its impact on society, and how to apply it in your business processes."

Jorge Pinto, CEO at SKYPRO

Digital transformation refers to the growing use of technology in daily life, from how people interact to managing tasks and making purchases, Pinto says. And the same is true for uniform management for airlines.

Uniform management requires strict management to prevent waste, he explains. But for most companies, the time, energy and care that an employee must spend on uniform management could be put toward more essential core tasks of the business.

"Many times, despite having uniforms left in stock, they are no longer suitable to wear. Either they are not the new model, are incomplete, or do not have the exact size of an employee," Pinto says.

To help with this issue, SKYPRO launched the mySKYPRO Portal in 2020 designed for cabin crew uniform forecasting and management. The customized shopping experience for crew gives them 100 percent control and accountability for getting their uniforms.

Artificial intelligence (AI) notifies managers of the optimal time to place orders. It predicts the correct sizing breakdown for crew based on predefined parameters and past orders. This helps minimize how much stock airlines have on hand at any given time and reduces stock waste from ordering too much of the wrong size, saving airlines money and time.

mySKYPRO Portal is available on desktop and mobile devices

The Portal is a UMS (Uniform Management System) that facilitates ordering the items in just three clicks, scheduling the fittings, selecting suitable shipment locations and providing an easy tracking/return system. A UMS is a software that helps companies by reducing the complexities related to stock processes and inventory.

"But, UMS technology, by itself, is not exactly new to the market," Pinto says.

The mySKYPRO Portal differs from typical UMS by incorporating digital transformation. It features a predictive algorithm based on historical data that is able to forecast key factors when reordering: garment quantities, sizes and logistics of optimal deliveries.

"In other words, mySKYPRO's algorithm can uncover hidden wastes, provide crucial insights and a distinct competitive advantage," Pinto explains.

In this way, AI has revolutionized the uniform industry, he says.

AI makes requests simpler and faster through value chain optimization which promotes cost reduction. And, software updates and maintenance happen automatically in the system. Airlines are not responsible for the IT infrastructure expenses, making uniform management even more economical.

In turn, this digital transformation can help airlines achieve sustainability goals. The textile industries is one of the largest polluting industries, but the portal reduces unnecessary waste.

"It is time to rethink structure and explore this world of opportunity," Pinto says.

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