March 25 2020  |  Airline & Terminal News

SKYPRO debuts uniform management system

By Mary Jane Pittilla

SKYPRO is officially introducing its new mySKYPRO Portal

SKYPRO has announced the launch of its Uniform Management System designed for cabin crew uniform forecasting and management.

The mySKYPRO Portal provides a customized shopping experience for crew, giving them 100 percent control and accountability for getting their uniforms – ordering the items in just three clicks, scheduling the fittings, selecting suitable shipment locations and providing an easy tracking/return system.

Artificial intelligence (AI) notifies managers of the optimal time to place orders. AI also predicts the correct sizing breakdown for crew based on predefined parameters and past orders. This helps minimize how much stock airlines have on hand at any given time and reduces stock waste from ordering too much of the wrong size, saving airlines money and time.

The platform is fully integrated with other airline Enterprise Planning Systems and with any uniform supplier, and also features instant reporting for account managers.

Speaking to PAX International, Jorge Pinto, SKYPRO Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, explains why the company had developed the portal: “Over the course of our 16-year history working with airlines that have tens of thousands of employees to outfit, we recognized a need in uniform fulfilment that requires a more streamlined, intelligent process. That is why we launched the mySKYPRO Portal. Our platform offers something unique to the industry and is proprietary to SKYPRO – an artificial intelligence algorithm for uniform forecasting and management.”

Pinto adds that uniform management is a major logistic challenge for the airlines, ensuring staff members order the right uniform; guaranteeing that they always have stock on hand; confirming fitting sessions do not take up too much time; and, minimizing product returns.

“We feel this will be an industry gamechanger to all involved in uniform management as well as the crew,” says Pinto. “We have listened to the needs of the aviation industry and provided an intelligent solution that aims to streamline the process for uniform managers and flight crews while reducing uniform management complexity, time and cost. This technological innovation will take SKYPRO from being a uniform supplier to becoming a complete uniform management service provider, putting us at the forefront of the digital revolution in this industry.”

SKYPRO was officially set to introduce the mySKYPRO Portal to the aviation industry at WTCE. It already has a customer that will start using the portal starting in April – GroundForce – and is finalizing other contracts.

Also in March, the SKYPRO announced its SKYPROEcologic line of sustainable uniform initiatives, which was also set to debut in Hamburg. In an interview with PAX, Pinto spoke about the sustainable initiative saying: “Larger airlines order more than 20 tons of uniforms per year; therefore, we know we can make a positive impact in helping them reach their goals. Furthermore, crew are increasingly conscious of their own carbon footprint and it is of utmost importance to our mission of helping improve the health and wellbeing of crew that we can help them satisfy their needs.”

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