March 4 2020  |  Airline & Terminal News

SKYPRO takes initiative on sustainable uniforms

By Mary Jane Pittilla

Uniform supplier SKYPRO is set to debut its SKYPROEcologic line of sustainable uniform initiatives at the WTCE 2020 show in Hamburg.

The uniforms are made for flight crew, cabin crew and ground staff. They use sustainable raw materials such as recycled bamboo-cotton biodegradable fibers, ocean-recycled plastic for shoe soles, recycled polyester linings and vegan alternatives to leather. Each item is customized for each client.

Jorge Pinto, SKYPRO Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, tells PAX International the SKYPROEcologic initiative aims to reduce the carbon footprint of uniforms at every step – from production to wear.

“Airlines are increasingly committed to reducing their carbon footprint, with some pledging to go carbon neutral by 2050,” he says. “As a uniform supplier dedicated to the aviation sector, it is our responsibility as well to help them achieve their sustainability goals where we can.”

Throughout the next decade SKYPRO envisions itself leading the ecological uniform movement.

“Larger airlines order more than 20 tons of uniforms per year; therefore, we know we can make a positive impact in helping them reach their goals. Furthermore, crew are increasingly conscious of their own carbon footprint and it is of utmost importance to our mission of helping improve the health and wellbeing of crew that we can help them satisfy their needs.”

SKYPRO only works with Oeko-Tex® certified textiles to ensure they are free from potentially harmful substances and improve the health and wellbeing of crew.

The company selects fabrics and materials from eco-responsible suppliers which use renewable energy, reuse their water supply, and recycle their leftovers to favor a circular economy.

It also selects sustainable raw materials, such as recycled bamboo-cotton biodegradable fibers, ocean-recycled plastic for its shoe soles, and Piñatex, a leather alternative made from the fiber of pineapple leaves. In addition, some of its products are made from recycled polyester linings and vegan leather, and shoes have organic cotton laces with biodegradable plasticized tips.

In addition, SKYPRO ensures all products being delivered in Europe and to the Middle East are produced in Europe, further reducing the shipment’s carbon footprint from manufacturer to client.

The pieces that will be showcased at WTCE are created by an in-house designer with more than 12 years of experience in textiles, of which the past five have been dedicated to the aviation industry. Together with SKYPRO’s experienced product development team, the designer selects the best fabrics that not only meet its sustainability goals but also the daily needs of aviation personnel.

SKYPROEcologic initiatives are available to the industry now. The lead times are the same as for regular uniforms. SKYPRO will be showcasing its SKYPROEcologic items at WTCE on stand 1G40.

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