June 8 2021  |  Cabin Maintenance

Celeste introduces quick-dry carpet cleaner

By Jane Hobson

Celeste Industries’ new carpet cleaner product is specifically designed to clean common aircraft soils and dry rapidly. HiFo-Clean is a dense foaming product that dries within one hour of being applied to the surface; decreasing potential corrosion concerns of slow-drying formulas.

“We formulated HiFo-Clean to tackle the tough soils on aircraft carpets without introducing an abundance of moisture to the aircraft. With our dense foam, the carpet can be clean and dry in under an hour,” said Carla Repko, Product Manager of Celeste. “The rapid dry time will save our

customers significant time and alleviate worries of corrosion from any liquid left behind.”

Not only does HiFo-Clean dry rapidly, but it is effective and easy to use: spray surface, agitate with a brush, allow cleaner to dwell and collect the soils for removal, then vacuum.

Celeste offers a portfolio of products that is composed of water-based chemistry and green solvents, all of which meet industry material compatibility testing and standards. Last year, Celeste ramped up the production of hand sanitizer and hard surface disinfectant cleaner to help support the aviation industry through COVID-19. It offers its SaniLuxe Hand Sanitizer in flat bottom bottle for convenience and portability. Sani-Com, originally designed as a single-use towelette, has been tested and approved for use as hand sanitizer. And, demand for its EPA registered, broad-spectrum Sani-Cide EX3 disinfectant and multipurpose surface cleaner increased last year, Celeste told PAX Tech in July 2020.

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