January 30 2024  |  Connectivity & Satellites

SWISS introduces IFC on short-haul fleet

By PAX Tech Magazine Staff

SWISS will soon offer inflight connectivity on short-haul routes

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) has announced plans to equip its short-haul aircraft fleet with broadband internet access from Winter 2024 to 2025. The installation program will extend to 59 of the airline’s A220 and A320 aircraft and is part of a broader rollout through Lufthansa Group.

Passengers travelling on SWISS’s European flights will be able to access free internet chat, along with product offers for more extensive online functions such as email, web surfing or social media use. SWISS has already equipped its long-haul fleet with broadband internet since 2016.

As it already does with its long-haul fleet, SWISS will offer travellers on its short-haul services free internet access to use chat and messenger services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The inflight connectivity will allow them to send and receive unlimited text and picture messages, free, throughout their time onboard. Passengers will also have the option to pay a fee to surf the web and use email or social media platforms along with streaming and VPN services.

“We appreciate how important it is for our customers to remain in touch, for professional or private purposes, while they’re on the move – be it to chat, to exchange emails or just to keep abreast of the latest news,” said Heike Birlenbach, SWISS’s Chief Commercial Officer. “So we’re delighted that we’ll soon be able to accommodate this need on our shorter flights, too.”

SWISS’s short-haul inflight internet access will be delivered as part of a rollout by Lufthansa Group, using hybrid technology known as the European Aviation Network (EAN).

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