January 24 2024  |  Connectivity & Satellites

Lufthansa Group selects Viasat for IFC services

By Robynne Trueman

The EAN connectivity services will be available on more than 150 aircraft across Lufthansa, SWISS and Austrian Airlines

Lufthansa Group has selected Viasat Inc. to equip more than 150 additional aircraft with the European Aviation Network (EAN) inflight connectivity (IFC) solution. The upgrades will take place across its Lufthansa, SWISS and Austrian Airlines fleets, the January 24 press release said.

EAN combines S-band satellite coverage provided by Viasat with a complementary ground component network operated by long-time Viasat and Lufthansa Group partner, Deutsche Telekom. The ground component network delivers a service that supports streaming and other high bandwidth requirements.

“EAN is a game-changer in inflight connectivity. The service adapts perfectly to Europe’s unique telco infrastructure and provides an exceptional connectivity experience for passengers while they fly above the European continent. EAN also offers a highly compelling business case for carriers due to its lightweight, small and low maintenance equipment,” said David Fox, Vice President, Inflight and Connectivity Services at Deutsche Telekom.

The move demonstrates Lufthansa Group’s commitment to elevating the passenger experience with consistent connectivity inflight. The more than 150 aircraft that are set to receive the EAN inflight connectivity solution include A320s, A320neos and A220s.

EAN takes advantage of small, lightweight and low-drag terminals, which will allow Lufthansa Group to reduce costs and enhance its sustainability.

“These factors were important in Lufthansa Group’s selection of EAN terminals for their A320 and A220 fleets, to bring consistent inflight connectivity as efficiently as possible,” Viasat said in its press release.

Lufthansa Group's airlines will be able to access the group’s onboard portal, FlyNet®, on the EAN-equipped aircraft. With access to stable IFC, passengers can log in to FlyNet® using their Travel ID or Miles and More logins to view airline menus, duty-free offers and more.

“We’re so pleased to continue our long-standing partnership with Lufthansa Group, bringing the consistent, seamless in-flight connectivity solution that passengers want via the European Aviation Network. With so many passengers set to benefit, we’re excited to see the impact that EAN has on Lufthansa, SWISS, and Austrian Airlines’ fleets – especially in helping them remain at the forefront of offering a superior passenger experience, no matter which intra-European route or aircraft they fly,” said Don Buchman, GM and VP, Commercial Aviation at Viasat.

Viasat shared data to support the demand from travellers for reliable IFC. According to Viasat's 2023 Passenger Experience Survey, 83 percent of passengers surveyed would rebook with an airline that offered quality inflight Wi-Fi, while 81 percent said Wi-Fi is important to them.

Inmarsat, which was recently acquired by Viasat, has provided its Ka-band IFC service to Lufthansa Group since 2015. This connectivity solution is already onboard 240 Lufthansa Group narrow-body aircraft.

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