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January 26 2015

Green Is Possible Mealbox

Global Inflight Products has introduced the Green is Possible Mealbox, a new product from its Green is Possible line of products

By Melissa Silva

December 11 2014

Bella Bruschetta

En Route launches a new range of healthy snacks inspired by the Mediterranean

By Melissa Silva

November 24 2014

Hi Chew™ Fruit Chews

The Hoffman Group is pleased to introduce Hi Chew™ Fruit Chews from MORINAGA AMERICA, INC.

By Melissa Silva

October 24 2014

FlyFit’s halal-certified yoghurt…

FlyFit’s Healthy Yoghurt and Nutritional Bars have been halal certified

By Melissa Silva

October 22 2014

Flavored squash drink finds rail…

Single portions of liquid squash concentrate in a stick form

By Rick Lundstrom

September 23 2014

Fig Bars

DFMi is pleased to introduce Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars

By Tanya Filippelli

September 23 2014

Chips and dips get hip

Classic dipping combinations served up in fresh new packaging

By Tanya Filippelli

September 3 2014

Premium dessert

New range of premium desserts by Lily O’Brien’s

By Tanya Filippelli

August 20 2014

Hummus and pita combo

Tribe Mediterranean’s Tribe-to-Go Hummus and Pita Chips Combo Snack Pack

By Tanya Filippelli

August 20 2014

Sophisticated cookies

Sweet and savory shortbread cookies

By Tanya Filippelli

August 6 2014

Fish and chips

British Airways will be serving Green Gourmet's fish and chip supper on board selected flights…

By Tanya Filippelli

July 28 2014

FlyFit Vitamin Shots

FlyFit has introduced brand new, direct-to-mouth vitamin shots

By Melissa Silva

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