December 11 2018  |  Food & Beverage

​Applewood launches its first smoky cheese spread

By Becky Dumais

Applewood® Cheese has launched its first ambient cheese spread, aimed at the travel and food-to-go sector.

The Smoky Cheese Spread is an individual 20g portion and doesn’t require refrigeration. Its four-month shelf life makes it ideal for airlines and other modes of travel.

The spread is made from real cheese and the smoky flavor is pleasing, especially in closed quarters. “Taste buds and sense of smell are the first things to go at 30,000 feet,” Russ Brown, director of In-flight Dining & Retail at American Airlines said in a press release. “Flavor is a combination of both, and our perception of saltiness and sweetness drop when inside a pressurized cabin.”

Applewood® Spread is just one of the new products being developed by Norseland Ltd. to tap into the growing consumer demand for snacking products.

“We have been working really hard to create a product that tastes great, is suitable for vegetarians, is easy to consume on-the-go and is also shelf stable. It’s a fantastic-tasting product and we have already had lots of interest from the travel abd lunch sector,” Lisa Harrison, Senior Brand Manager at Norseland Ltd., noted in the release.

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