Cabin Equipment

October 22 2014

Music to your ears

Buzz has facilitated an inflight collaboration opportunity between Billboard and Delta Air Lines.

By Tanya Filippelli

September 3 2014

Listen in

High-performance noise-canceling headphones

By Tanya Filippelli

August 20 2014

Stackable food drawers

Stackable food drawers by Onboard Logistics

By Tanya Filippelli

May 16 2014

Sleek and functional solution

Slim and light

By Tanya Filippelli

April 30 2014

Innovative management


By Tanya Filippelli

April 17 2014

Simple and practical

New combi-steamer

By Tanya Filippelli

March 25 2014

Engaging app

Personalized services at the touch of a button

By Tanya Filippelli

March 25 2014

Clean screens

New wet/dry cloths

By Tanya Filippelli

March 11 2014

Contemporary listening

New headband headsets

By Tanya Filippelli

February 26 2014

New addition

New product line of USB hubs and sticks

By Tanya Filippelli

January 28 2014

Noise-cancelling headphones

AVID's latest arrival of audio devices

By Tanya Filippelli

January 23 2014

Cocoon & Grid IT! products make…

Azman Travel Retail Group (ATR) has announced the addition of Cocoon Innovations to its portfolio of brands

By Melissa Silva

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