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Upcoming PAX Panel to feature Collins Aerospace, ACI and Acumen Design Associates

By PAX Panel

PAX Tech is set to release PAX Panel Episode Four on Wednesday March 10, 2021. In the fourth installment, entitled Finessing the end-to-end passenger experience, PAX Editor Jane Hobson and Editor-in-Chief Rick Lundstrom speak with representatives from Collins Aerospace, Airports Council International and Acumen Design Associates about how manufacturers, designers and airports are working together to enhance the passenger experience at every touch point.

Introducing the panelists for Episode Four

Tony Chapman, Senior Director, Strategic Programs, Global Airports for Information Management System, Collins Aerospace
Tony Chapman is the Senior Director, Strategic Programs, Global Airports for Information Management Services. Since joining ARINC in 2003, Chapman has served in a variety of positions including Engineering Director, Director of Product Development, and Senior Director of Integrated Travel Solutions. Chapman has worked in the aviation IT industry for 30 years. He started his career with Pan Am as a financial systems developer and then moved to technical systems support, transitioning to United Airlines as a senior technical support analyst and later the EMEA regional manager where he was responsible for all IT related systems. Chapman has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is a Chartered Engineer and a member of the British Computer Society.

Dimitri Coll, Vice President Airport Customer Service, Airports Council International
Dimitri Coll took up the position of Head, Airport Service Quality (ASQ) at ACI World in October 2015. His main responsibility is to manage the ACI ASQ program, which guides airports toward improving their customer experience excellence across numerous touchpoints of a passenger’s journey. Coll holds a BBA and an MSc in Marketing from Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC) in Montreal, Quebec. With nearly 20 years of experience in marketing across a variety of industries, he is an expert in product management, customer experience and marketing research. In previous roles, Dimitri was in charge of customer experience management and service design for Hydro-Quebec, as well as product management and new product design for National Bank Insurance and telecommunications company Videotron. In addition to his work at ACI World, Dimitri teaches marketing research and market analysis at HEC Montreal.

Daniel Clucas, Senior Designer, Acumen Design Associates
Clucas' passion for sustainable and inclusive design is championed in all his projects and designs. He is a highly creative and disruptive designer, being a named inventor on many patents in aircraft interiors including Recaro’s CL6710 Business Class seat. Through the Access lavatory project, his innovative thinking and problem-solving mindset will change the landscape for disabled passengers. Clucas thrives on building strong client relationships with his clear communication style, meaning he often becomes the trusted link between users, clients and suppliers, meaning his innovations always create real change. Clucas is an experienced design lead and project manager, who has worked many cabin design projects across seating, galleys and lavatories for some of the world’s leading airlines and aircraft interior suppliers. He graduated from Coventry University’s Automotive and Transport design course and joined Acumen in 2007.

PAX Panel Episode Four hosts: Rick Lundstrom, Editor-In-Chief (left) and Jane Hobson, Editor

Finessing the end-to-end passenger experience
In Episode Four, Hobson and Lundstrom lead the virtual roundtable discussion prompting the panelists to share insights about the role of biometrics and touchless technologies in the future, how the pandemic affects the important link between emotion and memory in the post-COVID travel world, and how cabin design can influence a seamless passenger.

Stay tuned for the release of the Episode four featuring Collins Aerospace, ACI and Acumen Design Associates on Wednesday March 10, 2021.

Created and hosted by PAX
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