January 6 2021  |  Airline & Terminal News

Swissport subsidiary operating a PCR testing at ZRH

By Rick Lundstrom

Starting January 7, Ender Diagnostics, is offering a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test at the newly opened pre-departure testing facility operated by Checkport at Zurich Airport in Switzerland.

The saliva sample kits are sold on site and can be performed in test boxes independently, with no assistance required by medical personnel. The test boxes are cleaned after each traveler. The samples are transported to the Swiss Analysis AG laboratory four times per day by a dedicated courier service.

PCR tests seek coronavirus genetic material called RNA that instructs the virus to make proteins.

The price for the new Covid-19 test is CFR195 Swiss (approximately €180), and the result is available within five hours. Tests samples delivered after 5 p.m. are processed early the next morning. Customers are informed of their test result by password-protected e-mail. Currently, the testing facility is operating every day between 06:00 and 20:00 and can be visited without appointment. The test center is located on the first floor of Zurich Airport’s check-in number 2. The tests are intended for people who do not show Covid-19 symptoms but need a test for travel or in order to participate at specific events. Especially airline passengers benefit from this quick PCR testing option, as only PCR tests are currently accepted by authorities for entry into countries requiring a Covid-19 test certificate

“We are pleased to partner with Ender Diagnostics for the Covid-19 rapid testing center at Zurich Airport. Passengers traveling to countries that require proof of a negative Covid-19 test prior to departure now enjoy a simpler pre-departure procedure. Our new service brings great relief to air travel. We are convinced it will help motivate people to return to flying,” says Daniel Steffen, Managing Director Checkport Schweiz AG, in today’s announcment.

Following the opening of the pre-departure testing facility at Heathrow Airport on October 20, this is the second testing facility operated at a major international airport with the participation of Swissport. These pre-departure tests will help passengers meet the requirements of governments around the world, while giving all travelers the assurance that everyone on their aircraft has a negative test result. By operating pre-departure test centers right at the airports, Swissport, in collaboration with medical partners, can contribute to keeping travelers safe without negatively impacting public testing resources needed for patients with symptoms.

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