September 25 2020  |  Airline & Terminal News

​ANA offers booking through Google Flights

By Rick Lundstrom

All Nippon Airways makes it possible to book flights directly through the Book on Googleservice.

Passengers will be able to find ANA flights and book them by using the ticket comparison search platform that adheres to New Distribution Capability (NDC)* guidelines.

Previously, when passengers wanted to make a reservation for an ANA flight through Google Flights, they would need to enter flight information such as date and destination. After selecting the flight on Google Flights the passenger would be re-directed to ANA’s official website to make a reservation and purchase a ticket.

The introduction of the Book on Google service streamlines the process and allows for flights to be easily booked through the following steps:

  • After conducting a search on Google Flights, passengers can complete the reservation and purchasing procedure on the Google Flights page without going to the official ANA website.
  • Travelers can view and purchase optional upgrade services such as securing seat reservations and additional baggage allowance in advance. These options used to be offered mainly on ANA reservation sites and call centers.
  • Once passengers log in to their Google accounts, their registered names and contact information will automatically be displayed when filling out travel details. In addition, if the customer has registered their credit card with Google PayTM their credit card information will also be displayed automatically to allow for a smoother transition from search to reservation to payment process.
  • The new service leverages the London-based Travelfusion NDC aggregator platform. ANA will continue to develop its NDC platform in order to make it easier for customers to book international flights.
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