June 26 2020  |  Airline & Terminal News

In partnership with BlueDot, Toronto Pearson launches Healthy Airport program

By Jas Ryat

The comprehensive program outlines the steps the airport and its partners are taking to prepare for the new realities of air travel, which includes the highest standards for cleaning and hygiene, clear messaging and the introduction of innovative technology advancements

Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA), which operates and maintains Toronto Pearson, has announced the launch of its Healthy Airport initiative, a comprehensive program that outlines the steps the airport and its partners are taking to prepare for the new realities of air travel and lead the aviation industry in advancing the future of healthy travel corridors. At the center of the program: a strategic partnership with BlueDot, a leader in advanced data analytics and technologies to predict and monitor infectious disease risks.

Toronto Pearson’s Healthy Airport program and health measures are aligned with the global aviation measures established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Transport Canada’s framework for responding to COVID-19 and the recovery of the aviation sector.

“Toronto Pearson is an international leader in the aviation sector, having set the standard for exceptional passenger service among large North American airports for three years in a row.

As government restrictions on air travel begin to lift and flights increase, Toronto Pearson is ready and we are intent on exceeding international standards. Everyone who works at Toronto Pearson is dedicated to playing a leadership role in fulfilling the health protection measures and adapting quickly to changes and future standards. We are dedicated each day to providing the pathway for Canadians who are dreaming of the day they can travel again,” shared Deborah Flint, President & CEO of the GTAA.

Passengers will experience the airport’s five-point Healthy Airport initiative, which includes the highest standards for cleaning and hygiene, strong and clear messaging and the introduction of innovative technology advancements. As part of its commitment, travelers will also experience touchless check-in, a disinfection corridor for airport workers, facility monitoring of congestion, autonomous floor cleaning machines and air quality monitors. Plus, the GTAA has partnered with BlueDot to monitor and manage the risk of COVID and other infectious diseases. The Canadian technology company’s world-leading insights platform will power the GTAA’s commitment to preparedness and resilience.

In addition to measures introduced by the GTAA on June 1 (mandatory masks, limited access to airport facilities, continued enhanced cleaning and hygiene and increased signage for physical distancing) Healthy Airport includes the following commitment to passengers and airport workers:

  • We commit to making passenger and employee health our top priority
  • We commit to working with our partners to set strong, consistent standards for passenger and airport worker health
  • We will deploy multi-layered tools and adjust quickly to changes and current intelligence
  • We will ensure our approach is best in class and aligned with international aviation standards
  • We will explore all innovative and technologically advanced solutions for ensuring the safety of our passengers and employees

Many of the 400-plus organizations operating out of Toronto Pearson including air carriers and transit agencies are implementing health, safety and cleaning measures and working with the GTAA to ensure their employees comply with the airport’s new program – as well as the requirements established by federal, provincial and municipal authorities.

In addition to conducting airport-wide workforce education sessions, the GTAA has worked with public health officials and a growing number of airport employers to develop a voluntary COVID-19 case log. Moreover, the GTAA is working with Wipro, a global technology leader, to conduct a pilot of wearable tracing and physical distancing technology for airport workers.

Passenger confidence in Canada’s travel industry is of the utmost importance and the Toronto Pearson workforce is dedicated to building public trust that the aviation sector takes health issues and their well-being seriously.

As regional and national rules and restrictions ease in the coming weeks and months, Toronto Pearson employers will continue to work with the Government of Canada to assess risk and to encourage a logical and reasonable return of domestic and international travels.

“Toronto Pearson’s Healthy Airport Initiative demonstrates leadership and a commitment of the airport and its partners to ensure the health and safety of employees and visitors to the airport during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Dr. Lawrence Loh, Interim Medical Officer of Health, Region of Peel.

“Smarter airports deliver a safer experience for travelers. And safer travelers contribute to a healthier world. BlueDot is incredibly proud to partner with the GTAA to use advanced data analytics and digital technologies to stay a step ahead of global infectious disease risks," said Dr. Kamran Khan, founder & CEO of BlueDot and practicing infectious disease physician.

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