January 16 2020  |  Airline & Terminal News

BA plans lounge improvements at three airports

By Rick Lundstrom

Designs similar to this and below will be in the new BA lounges in three cities

British Airways today announced it is refreshing its First and Club lounges at Chicago O'Hare Airport as well as planning lounge improvements at Edinburgh and Berlin.

Due to be completed in Spring 2020, passengers traveling through Chicago in the First or Club lounges will see a lighter and more relaxing atmosphere with new décor, flooring and furnishings.

There will be more charging ports built into new marble tables, as well as specially crafted chairs. For dining, there will be redesigned serving stations that will offer a wide range of local and international cuisines.

There will also be enhanced levels of comfort with bespoke armchairs while reconfigured working and dining areas will give visitors more room to work or eat.

The Edinburgh lounge serves passengers traveling in Club Europe on one of the up-to-20 flights to London each day. The lounge is also open to those connecting on to a Club World or First flight, or those with Silver or higher Executive Club status. Changes will be complete by the end of Spring 2020.

Finally, by early Spring passengers using the airline’s lounge in Berlin will see new furnishings, carpet and décor, with up to 10 daily flights between the two capital cities.

“Lounges are incredibly important to our customers travelling in our Club and First cabins, or to those with Executive Club status, and they are rightly a focus of our £6.5bn customer investment,” said Carolina Martinoli, British Airways’ Director of Brand and Customer Experience. “We’ve recently refurbished nine lounges across the network, and we’re looking forward to refurbishing more in 2020.”

As part of its 2020 lounge upgrade activity the airline will also be refreshing a number of its lounges at Heathrow Terminal 5 as well as redesigning and relaunching the Elemis Spa at New York Kennedy.

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