May 23 2019  |  Airline & Terminal News

Eurosport brings interactive excitement to MUC

By PAX International

Image copyright Mediaplus

Munich Airport has teamed up with Mediaplus and Eurosport to bring the action of the 2019 Roland Garros French Open tournament to tennis fans with "Enter the Match."

From May 22 to 29, visitors to MUC will be able to walk into an interactive tennis match played on a 100-square-meter surface. They can also get involved and compete to win exclusive access to the Eurosport Player via a mobile app.

The event began in Terminal 1 on May 22, before the official start of the tournament. Digital pillars on either side of the playing surface realistically generate the sights and sounds of a match between two players.

Visitors can get into the action, too, by using a QR code to download a mobile game. By playing the game, they could win a free pass to the Eurosport Player – Eurosport's live and on-demand media player.

Cornelia Rossmann, the director of Advertising and Media in Munich Airport's Commercial Activities division, said in a statement: "Munich Airport offers brands attention-grabbing and interactive placement opportunities in a high-traffic environment. This potential is impressively demonstrated by the Eurosport campaign, which shows that airport advertising is seen as an important component of the media mix."

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