September 11 2018  |  Airline & Terminal News

Finnair, HEL produce first airline-airport film

By Rachel Debling

The movie poster for East and West Side Story, a collaboration between Finnair and HEL

One story spanning three continents created by two directors : that is the result of a creative collaboration between Finnair and Helsinki Airport (HEL) called East and West Side Story, a film that celebrates the many poignant encounters that occur during travel.

This is the first time an airline and an airport have come together for such a project, according to a press release from Finnair. The story, directed by Korea's Young-Wook Paik (also known as "Wookie") and Sweden's Johan Storm, follows a famous writer searching for privacy. Starring Anne Bergstedt (Boardwalk Empire, Black Swan) and Jae Hoon (One Day Maybe), the movie premiered September 6 in one of Helsinki Airport's aircraft hangars, temporarily transformed into a movie theater, in a special event hosted by Hollywood filmmaker Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2, Deep Blue Sea).

You can find the film in its entirety on YouTube. For images from the premiere event, visit the movie's campaign website.

Anne Bergstedt (top) and Jae Hoon (bottom), the stars of East and West Side Story

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