July 10 2018  |  Airline & Terminal News

Etihad launches inflight medical services

By Rachel Debling

Billed as a "one-stop-shop" of services, Etihad Airways is now offering inflight medical assistance to passengers with pre-existing medical conditions, a first in the region.

Qualified members of the Etihad medical team, trained in aviation and transport medicine, will offer two types of services. The first allows passengers who require medical clearance prior to travel access to an Etihad aviation doctor who will meet with the guest and consult with their physician to evaluate their condition. Following the meeting, "fit to fly" status can be recommended within one day.

As part of the second service, an inflight nurse can be secured by Etihad to accompany passengers during their trip for the purpose of medical support.

Dr. Nadia Bastaki, Etihad Airways’ Vice President Medical Services, commented in a July 8 press release from the airline: “Etihad is delighted to be the first airline in the region to provide these new medical services which will cater for guests who require medical assistance during their travel.

“Both services will help ensure our guests have a smooth and hassle-free journey, greatly removing unnecessary anxiety they sometimes feel when traveling.”

To secure these services, passengers can visit Etihad's website.

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