June 19 2019  |  Tableware & Serveware

Icelandair selects Kaelis for eco-friendly onboard cutlery

By PAX International

The cutlery is made from corn starch, the production of which produces fewer greenhouse gases than plastics

Icelandair has selected Kaelis to develop a series of sustainable cutlery and toothpicks for use on board. The products will begin flying over the next couple of months.

Both the packaging and the utensils are biodegradable. According to a statement from Kaelis, the airline wanted to be one of the first to adopt eco-friendly cutlery before the European Legislation comes into place.

Corn starch-based products produces significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions over their lifetime than traditional plastics. Plus, there is no net increase in carbon dioxide when they break down. Kaelis also notes that corn starch products do not produce toxic fumes if incinerated.

For more information on these and other eco-friendly onboard products, please contact Kaelis.

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