January 31 2020  |  People

​Zandbergen joins ANA Catering Services

By Rick Lundstrom

Tim Zandbergen has joined ANA Holding Group’s 100 percent owned ANA Catering Service as Manager in the Global Sales Department. He will be based at the Head Office located at Haneda International Airport in Tokyo.

In his new role, he will lead in business development and strategy, support customer services, and bring more Internationalization to a traditional Japanese company.

Zandbergen speaks fluent Japanese and has lived and worked in Japan for close to 30 years, coming first to Asia in 1982. He earned an MBA from McGill University Japan and brings a wide range of business experience to ANA Catering in addition to long years in the Japanese workplace.

“I’m very excited to be a part of Japan’s largest and only Five Star Airline Group with dynamic, innovative, and forward looking people. It is particularly an interesting time to be part of the group as innovative ANA aims to achieve substantial growth by expanding its international network from Haneda International Airport effective March ahead of the Tokyo Olympics,” he said.

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