July 5 2018  |  People

Newrest appoints new Director of Communications

By PAX International

French catering company Newrest has appointed Luc Le Blanc to the position of Director of Communications, Marketing, Offering, and Digital. In his new role, Le Blanc will be responsible for developing the Newrest brand across all the Group's activities and in all its markets on a digital scale.

Le Blanc joined the Nutrition & Santé group in 1989 as Assistant Product Manager. He successively held the positions of European Marketing Director (2005) and International Development Marketing Director (2009).

He left the Nutrition & Santé group in 2011 to specialize in the street food sector and opened his own restaurant in 2014.

He became Newrest's Director of Marketing Communications, Marketing, Offering and Digital in June 2018, at which point he also joined the Group's Board of Directors.

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