July 17 2018  |  Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

Retail inMotion to supply growing Irish carrier Stobart Air

By Rick Lundstrom

Stobart Air, one of Retail inMotion’s first technology customers, has chosen to stay with the Irish company up to four more years.

Retail inMotion has supported Stobart Air through a strong period of growth for the airline and now provides them with more than 40 devices for processing payments on board flights. Additionally, Stobart Air uses Retail inMotion’s vPack module to help manage effective operations for the airline’s onboard services, master control modules to maintain and monitor back-office functions, and vRec to reconcile sales and inventory.

“Signing this partnership with Stobart Air is a clear confirmation that Retail inMotion’s technology delivers results for its customers,” commented Sarah Conlon, Director of Account Management at Retail inMotion. “We are thrilled to be strengthening and expanding our working relationship with Stobart Air and look forward to supporting them in the years ahead.”

Graeme Buchanan, Managing Director of Stobart Air, said: “Stobart Air is delighted to extend our partnership with Retail inMotion until 2022. We have enjoyed a long and successful partnership, working together since 2010.”

Stobart Air is a charter carrier operating a fleet of ATR 72s and ATR 42s. It has been expanding its fleet since a purchase of 13 ATRs in 2013.

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