Jeremy's World

November 2 2018

Jeremy's World: Eco-friendly service…

The next steps for onboard sustainability

By Jeremy Clark

August 14 2018

Jeremy's World: The case for simple…

Simplicity should always be on the menu, according to Jeremy Clark

By Jeremy Clark

July 9 2018

Jeremy's World: Back to Basics

Chefs, this is not your opportunity to foist your crazy creations upon a captive audience

By Jeremy Clark

June 4 2018

Jeremy's World: Environmentalism…

Aviation infrastructure expansion deserves the green light

By Jeremy Clark

May 7 2018

Jeremy's World: The Long Haul

The question is – how long can the human body be expected to endure long-haul travel?

By Jeremy Clark

April 2 2018

Jeremy's World: ​When on the move,…

Is there an App for frustration?

By Jeremy Clark

February 26 2018

​Jeremy's World: Heavy Petting​

Jeremy Clark thinks this whole pets-in-the-cabin policy requires some careful review

By Jeremy Clark

January 29 2018

Jeremy's World: Thanks for the…

Jeremy says goodbye to his American Airlines Executive Platinum Card

By Jeremy Clark

January 16 2018

Jeremy’s World: What it takes to…

Perspectives and observations from Jeremy Clark of JC Consulting will be featured periodically our Blog, Website and print…

By Jeremy Clark

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