February 5 2019

Monty's Bakehouse invests in long-term…

A new plan will help Monty's Bakehouse comply with future UK and EU regulations, according to the company

By PAX International

July 31 2017

Matthews joins Monty’s Bakehouse

He will be the company new Head of Supply Chain and Operations

By Rick Lundstrom

November 30 2016

SIAL regional showcase brings food…

A presentation of the Mercury Awards will be held December 5 in Abu Dhabi.

By Rick Lundstrom

February 9 2015

Monty’s Bakehouse and Agthia Group…

Agthia Group has a selection of bakery products, water, juices and yogurt. It currently supplies Etihad Airways and Air Canada.

By Rick Lundstrom

April 16 2014

Monty's Bakehouse signs agreement…

Exclusive supply agreement has been signed for the airline sector.

By Tanya Filippelli

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