January 12 2021  |  Catering

ANA Group catering facilities receive halal certification

By Jane Hobson

ANA Group announced today that its Narita Catering Facility and in-house bakery have received halal certification from the Malaysia Halal Consultation & Training Agency (MHCT), effective December 17. Both the Catering Facility and bakery are located inside Haneda International Airport.

The certification was obtained after meeting all of the strict halal production and documentation requirements, and involved a "considerable investment in manpower," facility renovations, and new equipment. Dedicated halal, western and Japanese kitchens have been built in space made available by the decrease in flights due to coronavirus.

"We are delighted to have obtained Halal Compliance Certificates from a global institution recognized for its quality and service standards," said Nobuyuki Tokuda, Head of ANA Narita Catering Facility. "This Certification is a true reflection of the hard work and service excellence provided by our teams.

In addition we are working closely with our suppliers to ensure that the quality and standards of our materials meet and exceed the required specifications. Being Halal compliant not only meets the needs of Muslim passengers flying on ANA flights out of Japan but also positions us to contribute positively in providing Halal Assurance to Halal Customer Airlines and the expected large increase of Muslim visitors to Japan in the post-Covid world.”

This certification comes as part of the Group's recent efforts to improve customer satisfaction and build a business and service model that incorporates sustainable growth with the anticipation of return to normal life following COVID-19. It comes on the heels of ANA Catering Service, which caters All Nippon Airways as well as a growing number of customer airlines, receiving European Union HACCP certification at its Narita facility, which was granted in March.

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