February 10 2020  |  Catering

ANA to update sake selection in March

By Rick Lundstrom

Lounges and cabins on ANA will be stocked with a new selection of sake paired with cuisine and seasonal changes

All Nippon Airways has partnered with sake sommelier Yasuyuki Kitahara to update its onboard selection for international and domestic routes starting in March.

“ANA strives to raise the standard in all aspects of the dining experience for our passengers, and we have spared no effort in curating one of the finest airline sake selections in the world," said Hideki Kunugi, Executive Vice President of ANA, in today’s announcement. "Like all aspects of ANA hospitality, we focused on delivering the best possible experience to our passengers throughout the selection process and we believe this effort is evident in our updated menu. It is our sincere hope that passengers will gain a greater appreciation of sake and its important role in Japanese cuisine through the menu we have prepared."

The new sake selections were chosen through an in-depth tasting process and will be available on ANA’s domestic and international flights as well as in ANA SUITE LOUNGE. ANA selected a range of premium sake such as Jikon, Kamoshibito Kuheiji and Kokuryu that reflects consumer tastes as determined by consumer preferences including selections from various breweries. ANA evaluated the products of 319 sake breweries selecting 46 of its favorites for the updated menu.

ANA and Kitahara evaluated sake based on taste as well as how well they paired with in-flight cuisine and their seasonal appeal. The sakes range from summer-themed refreshing and fruity flavors to robust sakes ideally suited to the changing weather of autumn.

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