November 18 2019  |  Catering

ANA updates offerings for wine list

By Rick Lundstrom

On the heels of its latest Tastes of Japan campaign, All Nippon Airways (ANA) announced it would it would be bringing aboard 62 new wines from 15 countries.

ANA’s selection of wines received accolades in the "Wines on the Wing 2019" from the U.S. Global Traveler magazine, where it was ranked second overall in First Class, fourth overall in Business Class, with six of its wines being commended for their outstanding quality.

The new wine choices were selected through process that lasted more than half a year, with input from Olivier Poussier (Best Sommelier in the World 2000) and Conrad Tokyo Executive Sommelier Satoru Mori. The team of tasting professionals started with approximately 2,000 potential wines before narrowing the selection down to 62, based on the ability to appeal to ANA passengers and pair with in-flight meals.

“ANA has prioritized the culinary elements of the passenger experience, and the dedicated sommeliers who worked to craft our selection of vintages are complementing the similar effort shown by ANA’s partner chefs,” saidHideki Kunugi, Executive Vice President of ANA in today’s announcement. “With favorites from Europe, Australia, North America and Japan, we are confident that all passengers will be able to find the ideal wine that perfectly appeals to their preferences. ANA will continue working to improve all aspects of the flight experience, working to perfect every detail and this revised wine selection is just one part of these comprehensive efforts.”

First Class passengers will be able to enjoy a selection of premium wines and champagnes such as the Bordeaux Medoc 2nd Grand Cru Classé, Chateau Cos d'Estournel, high end Japanese wine and the Champagne Krug GrandeCuvée.

International Business Class offerings have also been expanded, with Port wine being added to the menu. Another exciting addition to the Business Class selection is Skuttlebutt Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, a white wine from the suburbs of Perth - ANA’s latest Australian destination.

ANA will serve the second pressing of highly popular wine under “THE CONNOISSEURS” to Premium Economy and Economy Class international passengers. Created in collaboration with master sommelier Olivier Poussier, this wine has consistently impressed passengers since its debut.

A partial list of the new offerings can be found here.

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