June 7 2019  |  Catering

​JAL adds new short-haul menu and burger offering

By Rick Lundstrom

Curry bowl with black sesame seed potato salad on Japan Airlines

The JAL Kitchen Gallery, featured in Premium Economy and Economy Class on Japan Airlines, now features an original inflight meal supervised by Chef Masahiro Kasahara, owner chef of Sanpi Ryoron Restaurant in Ebisu, Tokyo.

After working at “Shogatsuya Kiccho” for nine years, he inherited his father’s restaurant “Torisho,” a yakitori restaurant in Musashi-Koyama, Tokyo.

In 2004, he closed the restaurant after celebrating its 30th anniversary and opened his own restaurant “Sanpi Ryoron” in Ebisu, Tokyo. With creative and original menus, the restaurant immediately became one of the most popular restaurants in Japan.

Also on June 1, JAL launched a new AIR MOS Teriyaki Burger. The meal will be served on select flights from Japan to Europe, North America and Australia.

The AIR MOS series, a collaborated effort between JAL and MOS BURGER, launched in 2011 and has featured the Teriyaki Burger, Yakiniku Rice Burger, and Cream Cheese Teriyaki Burger. The ninth collaboration, AIR MOS Teriyaki Burger, is a popular item at the fast-food restaurant featuring an original teriyaki sauce with crispy lettuce.

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