January 29 2019  |  Catering

​Veganuary a hit on Emirates

By Rick Lundstrom

Emirates First Class vegan meal - Stir-fried tofu, bamboo shoots, and mushroom with steamed rice and a key lime parfait with date and citrus compote for dessert

Emirates served more than 20,000 plant-based meals across all classes in January, known to Vegans worldwide as Veganuary.

The worldwide movement, to encourage Veganism especially has seen on board requests for vegan meals increase by more than 40% during the month.

Vegan meals rank as the third most commonly requested special meals in Economy Class. Last month, travelers voted Emirates as the Best Airline for Vegan Meals in a poll by Vegan News.

“Emirates has over 170 plant-based recipes in its kitchen to cater to its vegan customers,” said a release from the airlines. “Emirates’ team of nutritionists and chefs use the freshest vegetables and unique grains to create the special meals. Known for its regionally inspired cuisine on board, Emirates takes the same approach for its vegan meals with recipes inspired by its destinations.”

Some of the most popular dishes that Emirates named were mushroom ravioli, vegetable tagine served with couscous, and a sweet potato, lentil and spinach ragout served with brown rice. The meals are served with a selection of vegan desserts such as Key Lime Parfait with date and citrus compote, moist chocolate cake, or a chia seed pudding. The airline introduced vegan cheese on board in April last year. To date, Emirates has served 18,000 kilograms of the nut-based cheese.

Vegan meals, along with other special meals, are available on all Emirates flights and across all classes and can be requested 24 hours before departure. All the menus on board are changed monthly.

Emirates Business Class vegan meal - Sweet potato, lentil and spinach ragout with brown rice served with moist chocolate cake and raspberry compote for dessert

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