January 23 2019  |  Catering

​New Corporate Chef at Servair

By Rick Lundstrom

Servair announced today that François Adamski will be the new Corporate Chef. He succeeds Michel Quissac who has held this position since 2006 and will retire.

After leaving Hotel School in Le Touquet, France. Adamski worked alongside notable chefs such as Michel Roth and Eric Briffard at renowned restaurants including the Ritz and the Plaza Athénée in Paris and managed the Abbey Saint Ambroix in Bourges and Le Gabriel in Bordeaux.

Winner of the Bocuse d'Or in 2001, crowned Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2007 and awarded Michelin stars on two occasions, Adamski cooks in the classic French school, creating meticulous, simple in appearance and detail-oriented dishes.

Adamski is also President of Bocuse d’Or Team France since 2012, the team that represents France in the international competition often referred to as the championship of the cooking world.

Adamski will promote the company’s culinary identity and encourage the transfer of know-how between the chefs of the various units. He is also Secretary General of the Studio Culinaire Servair, a creative think tank, and responsible for culinary innovation in collaboration with other areas of the group.

"We are thrilled to welcome François Adamski to our company. His high standards, expertise and his creativity are a real asset for our culinary identity and commitment to operational excellence,” said Alexis Frantz, Chief Executive of Servair, a gategroup company. “I would like to thank Michel Quissac for his commitment over 30 years and his contributions to the development of Servair and Studio Culinaire."

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