November 29 2018  |  Catering

En Route introduces meal ordering platform for airline crew

By PAX International

A new personalized online food ordering platform for airline crew was launched by onboard catering specialist En Route International today.

"Crew Nosh" was designed by En Route to cater to airline crews' choice and nutrition while ensuring the program can be integrated into the systems used by caterers and infight teams.

According to a press release from En Route, Crew Nosh is a closed network solution for airlines, allowing inflight staff to choose and order their inflight meal and have it delivered straight to the aircraft in a personalized box. The crew can later rate their food with the intention of their feedback being used in future menu development.

The iOS, Android and responsive web application can be integrated with each airline's roster system, En Route explains, providing crew their flight schedule and a choice of meal options based on the length and location of their flight.

Blogs covering topics such as food, travel, health, nutrition and fitness are also included in the app, and the platform's custom CMS administration site allows the instant upload and editing of content, meals, notifications and messages.

Optional extras, including those not within a crew member’s allocation, can also be ordered and where necessary paid for using the app’s integrated payment system.

Hamish Cook, Executive Director at En Route, said in a statement: “In developing Crew Nosh, En Route International aims to help airlines make their crews feel valued and happier. By offering meal options in terms of both nutrition and quality, we are able to fuel crew to handle the challenges of the flying workplace, improve overall safety and contribute to improved passenger experiences.

“We have spent a lot of time working with some of the world’s leading global airlines to develop this ground-breaking app. The intelligent functionality, coupled with the easy-to-use front-end interface, offers airlines with an important solution to help them attract and retain their staff.”

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