October 31 2018  |  Catering

ANZ serves up bite-sized Impossible Burgers

By Rachel Debling

The high-tech burger cooks, tastes and feels like beef, minus the meat

Air New Zealand is serving up a smaller slider-sized version of the Impossible Burger, a high-tech plant-based patty, on its San Francisco to Auckland route.

Impossible Foods, a Silicon Valley food tech start-up and the creator of the Impossible Burger, first partnered with ANZ this past July, making the airline the first in the world to serve the meatless burger on its Business Premier menu on flights from Los Angeles to Auckland.

The burger is made with the iron-containing molecule heme -- the same found in animal meat -- that has been sourced from the roots of soy plants. The result is a burger that cooks, smells and tastes like beef but does not contain any meat or animal byproducts.

Air New Zealand’s Inflight Customer Experience Manager Niki Chave commented in a statement: “The Impossible Burger has been a real favorite [with our customers]. Given we’re heading into a seasonal menu change in Business Premier we couldn’t resist sharing the experience with customers traveling on another of our North American routes while also giving it a bit of a twist."

She continues: “Our Impossible Burger is a really generously sized serving, so this time around we’re taking the opportunity to make it a bit lighter by serving it as bite-sized sliders. The dish will include three Impossible Burger sliders accompanied by tomato jalapeno chutney, sun-dried tomato mayo with buttermilk slaw and vegetable crisps on the side."

The sliders will be included on ANZ's Business Premier menu on flight NZ7 from San Francisco to Auckland until June 2019.

The decision to include the Impossible Burger on its inflight menu has found the airline embroiled in homegrown controversy, with New Zealand's beef industry speaking out about the airline's move to include the meat-like product on board.

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