June 19 2018  |  Catering

New Economy service coming to KLM

By Rachel Debling

An overhead view of the new KLM Economy Class service

Beginning July 1, Economy Class passengers on intercontinental KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flights out of Amsterdam will be offered a new extended menu and amenities that include a bottle of water, towel and earphones, the airline announced today.

Flights to the following destinations will be the first to receive the service: Bonaire (via Aruba), Entebbe (via Kigali), Fortaleza, Osaka, Hong Kong, Vancouver, Seoul, Rio de Janeiro and Houston. The service will extend to all intercontinental flights on October 28, the start of KLM's winter schedule. Daytime and nighttime flights will be divided service-wise, as will short-, medium- and long-range flights.

Daytime flights will include a choice of warm dishes, a salad and dessert. Ice cream and other snacks will also be offered to those on medium-haul and long-haul flights.

The service change comes following a new collective labor agreement containing a clause that one less crew member will be present on many KLM intercontinental flights, according to a statement from the company. The changes KLM is implementing, it continues, will make the Economy Class service more efficient with better space utilization on trays, which results in trolleys that can be stocked with more trays and therefore an overall quicker service.

The airline is also continuing to improve the sustainability of their onboard catering with additions such as UTZ-certified or fair trade coffee and chocolates. Certified animal-friendly chicken and egg products are served exclusively on KLM flights out of Amsterdam, a move that has garnered the airline the Good Egg Award and the Good Chicken Award.

KLM has built additional sustainability initiatives into its new Economy Class service: lighter trays and cutlery help reduce CO2 emissions, and it has also eliminated the standard paper placement, reducing the cost to the environment by million of sheets of paper each year.

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