June 6 2018  |  Catering

Ticino menu coming to SWISS First and Business Classes

By Rachel Debling

Business Class customers will be served marinated king prawns with cantaloupe as part of the new "SWISS Taste of Switzerland" menu

Beginning today, the latest chapter of the "SWISS Taste of Switzerland" inflight culinary series is landing in the First and Business Class cabins of SWISS outbound long-haul flights, highlighting the culinary variety of Switzerland's Italian-speaking Canton Ticino region and marking the sixth time the area has been showcased as part of the long-running program.

The menu was created by Lorenzo Albrici, owner and chef de cuisine of the Ristorante Locanda Orico in Bellinzona, and is accompanied by regional wines and cheese specialties. (Gottardo, Lucendro and Gorello with Swiss pear bread paired with a white Giubiasco Merlot, the Biancovino 2017 and the Biasca Premium 2016, a red Merlot, for Business Class guests; Alpe Manegorio DOP, Formaggella and Caprino cheeses and the Bianco Rovere 2016 and the Quattromani 2015 for First Class passengers.) The inflight creations reflect Albrici's passion for seasonal cuisine and are influenced by French and Italian flavors.

First Class guests will start their meal with cream of green pea soup with Valle Maggia pepper and local Büscion cheese followed by one of the main course options, such as Ticino-style trout fillet with vegetable brunoise, stinging nettle cream sauce and blue potato purée. The meal ends with a dessert course of chocolate cake with Ticinese Chocolat Stella, raspberry sorbet and coulis and caramelized pistachios.

In the Business Class cabin, an appetizer of marinated king prawns with cantaloupe melon accompanied by basil and Pedro Ximénez sherry vinaigrette begins the meal. Guests can choose from a regionally inspired main course selection including beef tenderloin with wholegrain mustard sauce, Valle Maggia polenta, baby carrot and courgette. The offering is capped off with a sesonal strawberry mousse and compote with almond crumble.

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