April 5 2018  |  Catering

Three more years for LSG Sky Chefs' Angola joint venture

By Rachel Debling

LSG Sky Chefs has extended its joint venture partnership in Luanda, Angola, for an additional three years.

LSG Sky Chefs TAAG Angola Catering S.A. is a joint venture between LSG Sky Chefs, TAAG Angola Airlines, Angola Air Catering and Luanda Airport (ENANA) that launched in June 2012.

The 2,700-square-meter unit will be expanded over the course of the coming months. At the present time, it employs approximately 270 people and caters TAAG, Air France, KLM, British Airways, Lufthansa and TAP flights.

Alfred Rigler, Head of the Emerging Markets Region at LSG Group, commented in a statement: “The extension of the contract is an expression of the partners’ trusting cooperation. In addition, the growing business with international airlines shows that we have positioned ourselves as a preferred and trusted partner.”

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