May 8 2018  |  Amenities & Comfort

Cerruti 1881 kit now flying on Lufthansa

By Rachel Debling

Lufthansa’s Premium Economy kit exemplifies classic sophistication and style

Premium Economy Class passengers on Lufthansa’s inbound and outbound flights will be provided Cerruti 1881 amenity kits, combining timeless design with elements to improve the well-being of Lufthansa’s guests.

According to a press release from skysupply, the company that developed the kits, it “caters to a well-traveled, discerning customer who is loyal and shows a high brand affinity.” The unisex kit is designed in androgynous gray tones with brown imitation leather and a silver logo and zipper and contains inflight amenities that Premium Economy passengers have come to expect: earplugs, a refreshing towel, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and a Lufthansa-branded blindfold and socks. In addition, the premium materials used to create the kit mean that it can be used many times over again, post-flight.

In partnering with Cerruti 1881, a high-end fashion house created by an Italian designer with headquarters in Paris and an international following, Lufthansa has made a “clear statement towards excellent taste and an awareness for workmanship,” as noted in a statement from skysupply.

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