November 12 2018  |  Seating

Design house tangerine a partner in Chinese wide-body look

By Rick Lundstrom

A cabin mock-up of the Comac CR929 is part of the Zhuhai Airshow this week and British design company tangerine played an important role in showing elements of the aircraft to attendees.

“tangerine was delighted to be asked to explore the cultural, technological and contemporary themes that could be drawn upon to influence the interior of the new CR929 aircraft,” said a release from the company. “We were able to use our knowledge and expertise gained from over 20 years of designing aircraft cabin interiors and premium seating to help set a design direction for the new CR929 and create a design language for its new interior.”

Among the innovations pointed out by tangerine are the introduction of ‘smart’ overhead luggage bins, multi-theme intelligent lighting, integrated passenger service unit (PSU), a new bar area, and design of the new First, Business and Economy Class cabins.

The First and Business Class cabin has a collection of unique seating design; introducing a soft OLED screen, wireless charging, and multiple sensors that are incorporated into the seat. Overall the trim and finish of the new cabin interior has been inspired by China-Russian cultural and contemporary references.

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