November 5 2018  |  Seating

Etihad introduces Economy Space seating

By Rachel Debling

Economy Space seating provides an increased seat pitch of up to 36 inches for greater comfort on long-haul flights

This December, passengers on Etihad Airways' wide-body fleet can enjoy more legroom in the Economy cabin with the introduction of Economy Space. This for-purchase option will benefit families with small children, elderly travelers and those requiring wheelchair assistance, as well as those just looking to stretch out a bit more on longer flights.

The airline is in the process of retrofitting its 10 A380s with seats that feature an increased pitch of up to 36 inches, quadrupling the number of extra legroom seats available on these flights (from 20 to 80). The aircraft are expected to begin flying by next month.

Jamal Ahmed Al Awadhi, Etihad Airways Head of Guest Experience, said in a statement: “We recognize that no two travelers are alike, and today’s customers demand more choice and personalization during their travels.

In response to the popularity and demand for extra legroom seats, we have reconfigured our Economy cabin to allow travelers to enhance their overall travel experience.”

Etihad is also adding additional Economy Space seats to 12 777s and 21 787s with completion expected by the end of 2019. This move will increase the total number of extra legroom seats across the airline by 560 percent.

“While many airlines have been squeezing more seats into Economy Class, we continue to focus on providing our guests with exceptional products and services that meet and exceed the demands and budgets of different types of travelers,” noted Al Awadhi.

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