July 10 2018  |  Seating

HAECO Vector in Airbus A350 catalog

By Rick Lundstrom

HAECO Cabin Solutions announced today that Airbus has approved HAECO Cabin Solutions as an offerable supplier for passenger seating.

The Vector brand seat is now included in the A350 aircraft catalog for line-fit selection. HAECO also has secured a launch customer for line-fit A320 series seating with a “sizeable carrier in Asia,” according to the company.

Offerability in the catalog is achieved after Airbus determines a supplier’s ability to reliably deliver seats to meet production line and customer requirements. Having Vector Economy approved by Airbus enables HAECO Cabin Solutions to present and offer seating solutions to line-fit customers more efficiently.

HAECO Cabin Solutions and Airbus have also launched the offerability process for Vector Economy on A320 family aircraft, and Vector Premium for both A320 family and A350 XWB family.

“With Vector, HAECO has developed a true platform-based product,which shares many parts and features between the Economy and Premium versions of the seat,” said Doug Rasmussen, President and Group Director of HAECO Cabin Solutions. “Adding line-fit offerability demonstrates the trust Airbus has placed in HAECO Cabin Solutions to deliver this seat platform to line-fit customers with tighter lead times.”

HAECO Cabin Solutions achieved FAA Technical Standard Order (TSO)C127b authorization in March 2018 for the Vector Premium seat, following Vector Economy in 2016. Adding Vector to the Airbus catalogue will expedite the process for airline customers to select the platform.

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