May 2 2018  |  Seating

Redesigned MiQ seat coming to Aeromexico

By Rachel Debling

New Territory, a London-based creative firm, recently announced a collaboration with Rockwell Collins and Aeromexico on a new Business Class seat design, created from the existing MiQ module. Installation began in March across Aeromexico's new 737 MAX fleet.

The revamped seat will provide a feeling of additional space and a better atmosphere to Business Class passengers traveling in short/mid-haul flights while extending the airline's brand DNA across their fleets. The redesign also addressed the seatback zones by adjusting the monitor bezel, pockets and IFE screen's upper shroud, making it easier for these elements to be customized and replaced when necessary (for example, during a rebranding project or cabin refresh).

Luke Miles, Co-Founder & Creative Director at New Territory, commented in a statement: "We approached the brief with a more contemporary design language, further highlighting the obvious benefits of the existing MiQ module. Through working with Rockwell Collins, our aim was to develop and add consistency to the existing mechanical package through a host of subtle but impactful additions and changes.”

Another member of the New Territory team, Hugo Jamson, Creative Director, also said: “Adding value to a short haul experience was a different kind of challenge that we absolutely cherished because it meant we had to take a more pragmatic view of the on-board experience. The ways in which we installed lighting systems were crucial in adding this value because they provide a much clearer sense of personal space for the passenger. In essence, the lighting makes you feel that the back of the seat in front of you is part of your own seating area, and when added to the widening of the seat and its new features, you’re left with a more comfortable experience and an increase in perceived value. We’re delighted with the results and truly feel that our work with Rockwell Collins has created an ownable piece of design for Aeromexico.”

“Our fleet of Dreamliner interiors marked a turning point for the brand," Antonio Fernandez, SVP Product On Board at Aeromexico, noted in the same statement. "Working with New Territory on the 737 MAX fleet has helped to strengthen that position and allowed us to continue to bring new experiences to our passengers. This collaboration has been fundamental in the development of our Business Class offering. The challenge was to embed Aeromexico’s brand values throughout our new fleet of short-haul aircraft whilst ensuring a premium and seamless passenger experience and we’re delighted with the result."

The new features of the MiQ seat for Aeromexico include:

- Layering of customizable parts around the IFE zone and magazine pocket

- Lighting added to footrest, tablet holder, magazine pocket, phone charger and personal effects holder

- Spacious cocktail table with food tray, including a built-in tablet holder

- Wider seats, plus improved ergonomic seatback foams

New Territory and Aeromexico have previously worked together on the revamp of the carrier's long-haul 787-9 cabins, a project which included seating, lighting and a new social space. Aeromexico's current MiQ seats have been in use for a year across several airline interiors; for this particular project, the new upgrades are owned by the airline and licensed by Rockwell Collins.

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