April 4 2018  |  People

Former gategroup exec launches passenger experience development company

By Rick Lundstrom

Anne De Hauw

A new company, launched by a former gategroup executive, plans to unveil its vision aimed at “accelerating the pace and impact of the airline customer experience transformation” at this year’s AIX/WTCE when it also plans to launch its website.

IN Air Travel Experience is the brainchild of Anne De Hauw, former Vice President Innovation and Customer Experience at gategroup. The start-up was founded to provide airlines with a solution to outsource customer experience strategy and design while supporting innovative start-ups to enter the airline market.

IN Air Travel Experience will be designing end-to-end travel experiences aimed at transforming the passenger journey into customer satisfaction boosters while generating smart savings. It brings together and builds a network of start-ups and highly specialized companies to combine expertise and accelerate the transformation of the airline customer experience.

‘’Airlines are shifting their focus to the passenger and therefore are creating customer experience teams,” said De Hauw. “We are committed to help them build fully integrated end-to-end experiences, combining our Ecosystem’s expertise and improving both the digital and physical touchpoints throughout their passenger journey. We act like accelerators for airlines and like incubators for startups.

“This is exactly the piece of the puzzle that was genuinely missing and which we believe is key to success’’

The IN Air Travel Experience Ecosystem connects companies with expertise in food and beverage, concepts and brands, inflight products, sustainability, digital and loyalty program platforms as well as inflight entertainment.

‘’If the passenger is at the heart of our company, the Ecosystem is our soul," she added. "At IN Air Travel Experience we believe in creating tomorrow’s air travel experience together with great people and companies who really want to drive change and value our 4T pillars: Trust and Transparency, Think differently, Teamwork, To have fun… together!’’

The ‘’IN’’ in IN Air Travel Experience stands for IN.sights, IN.novation and IN.flight Experience but also for IN.credible IN.gredients, IN.cubation and IN.fluence.

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