August 21 2019  |  Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

​Leki Aviation to distribute Factem headsets

By PAX Tech

Leki Aviation announced this week a new global distribution partnership with Factem, a French company that produces and designs aviation headsets and communication equipment.

“Leki Aviation’s mission is to provide our customers with top class parts and products,” says Peter Kjeldsen, COO of Leki Aviation in Tuesday's announcement. “We are therefore proud to have added Factem to our extensive portfolio of headsets which allows us to offer a variety of headsets suitable for all pilots.”

When learning about Factem’s products, one of the highlights was the flexibility that the headsets offer, according Katja Kroejby, Business Development Director at Leki Aviation.

“The customizable FL20 headset comes in multiple versions and with different connector types which makes it easy to meet the expectations and application needs of pilots,” said Kroejby.

The new partnership covers the worldwide market for civil aircraft headsets and equipment, which include the FL20 headset series. In addition to the headsets being available in multiple versions, the FL20 series will be lightweight, robust, and comfortable as well as high-performance active noise reduction.

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