August 25 2020  |  Cabin Maintenance

Signature Plating announces antimicrobial clearcoat protection

By Jane Hobson

Full-service plating facility Signature Plating has announced the launch of its durable clearcoat with an antimicrobial additive that protects decorative finishes and those who installs parts and passengers.

“With the growing demand for solutions to address the spread of bacteria in cabin environments, the Signature Plating Antimicrobial clearcoat will be applied directly to the metal parts surfaces,” reads the press release.

Signature Plating has collaborated with one of its coating supplier partners to develop an antimicrobial solution that could be added to its clearcoat. The emerging trend for airlines, completion centers, MRO’s, and OEM suppliers are to provide interior products that have a germ and microbe inhibitor imbedded in the specific materials to build passenger confidence and offer a safe cabin environment.

As long as this clearcoat is on the part, it will provide the antimicrobial barrier. The antimicrobial inhibitor is suspended in the clearcoat and covers the whole part and is spread throughout the thickness of the clearcoat. The Signature Plating Antimicrobial Clearcoat has been tested, passed and certified to ISO 22196:2011 to reduce the microbes on the parts surface. It will not allow the microbes to live on the parts surface preventing the spread of bacteria. Signature Plating is now using this Antimicrobial Clearcoat on all of its parts requiring a clearcoat finish.

The company’s services also include decorative plating and anodizing.

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