May 14 2019  |  Cabin Maintenance

Magnetic MRO introduces new interiors inspection application

By PAX International

The application can be used on smartphones, tablets and PCs

Magnetic MRO has announced the launch of its new Interior Inspector, a service which connects airline workers and maintenance teams in logging damages found in commercial aircraft cabins.

Pärtel-Peeter Kruuv, Magnetic MRO’s Interior Project Manager, said in a statement: “During interior inspections for our customers, we quickly understood that pen and paper is not the way to go. We need a tool that connects found damages and pictures or notes taken on a specific location, and combines that in a user-friendly system that would only need a short tutorial to be used. That was the moment when the initial idea behind our inspection application got formulated. By now, we have named it Interior Inspector.”

The application allows either the cabin crew or dedicated mechanics to use their smartphones, tablets and PCs to log whichever kind of damages are found in the passenger cabin..

According to Kruuv, the main idea was to keep the system simple, flexible and made to the customer’s requirements. “Our findings so far are mostly problems that could easily be solved during over-night stays, such as pen-stripes, worn placards, small stains or broken recliners," he said.

Magnetic MRO will introduce the application to the company’s customers as a service to start collecting data on how Interior Inspector is used in commercial airlines. The developers will use this collected data to improve the application even further.

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