May 13 2019  |  Cabin Maintenance

Leki Tech receives Air Liquide repair certification and OEM approval

By PAX International

Leki Tech has officially received an OEM approval from Air Liquide as well as a FAA certification to perform repairs on the Air Liquide PBE 15-40F-XX part number series.

According to Peter Kjeldsen, COO of Leki Aviation, the Leki Tech facilities are equipped to perform repairs for top OEM products, now including for the 15-40F-11 and 15-40F-80.

“We are continuously adding capabilities to service our customers’ requests most efficiently," he is quoted as saying in a May 13 press release. "With Leki Aviation being the exclusive worldwide distributor for Air Liquide, we are now enhancing the service level by also being able to perform repairs on the Air Liquide product. Although the Air Liquide PBE is a superior quality product, we do from time to time see user inflicted situations which require our attention, and with the nature of the product, i.e. safety equipment, we want to ensure that the product has the shortest possible turnaround time and go back into service.”

Leki Tech has the capabilities on-site to carry out all aspects of repairs projects from conception to final product, the company stated. “As part of the Leki Group of Companies, Leki Tech has access to the same global warehouses and extensive parts stock. This means that we are able to get the parts in faster, and in turn get the repairs and overhauls out much faster," Kjeldsen continued.

Kjeldsen also noted that Leki Tech, through decades of expertise in repairs, modifications and start-to-finish project management, offers a range of repair services for interiors and rotables with dedicated work stations for all repairs. “We can also offer improvements and repairs on interiors. This ranges from seating upgrades, cabin lighting systems, galley equipment, emergency equipment and more, and therefore makes us the ideal partner for all repairs," he said.

As part of their 360 Degree Fleet Support service concept, Leki Aviation also offers new units of the Air Liquide PBE 15-40F-XX part number series, through their global sales offices as well as their web shop.

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