April 1 2019  |  Cabin Maintenance

iCabin completes first design review

By PAX International

Launched in 2018, the iCabin research project, a collaboration between a number of industry partners including Diehl Aviation, Boeing and Etihad Airways Engineering, has successfully completed its first design review.

The project provides a cable-free way to connect separate cabin applications such as seating, galleys and lavatories. The next phase includes the detailed design of "new, intelligent cabin features," according to today's press release from Diehl, with the first prototype equipment slated to be tested later this year in the Digital Solutions Lab at Boeing's facility near Frankfurt.

The iCabin team develops interconnected cabin equipment such as intelligent seats, galleys and surfaces. Diehl has lent the project its experience in several areas, including intelligent cabin applications, predictive health monitoring (preventative maintenance), expansion of crew functionality, digital passenger services and the intelligent analysis of cabin data.

A joint research project, iCabin brought together many industry partners with project leader Diehl: Bühler Motor, Jeppesen, KID-Systeme and Zodiac Aerospace (a Safran company) have also contributed, as well as partners Boeing, the Baden Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW), Etihad Airways Engineering and the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). Co-funding has also been provided by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) to the expected amount of 3.9 million Euros.

The research project is expected to be completed March 31, 2021.

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