April 12 2018  |  Cabin Maintenance

Diehl rebrands with a bang on first day of AIX

By Mary Jane Pittilla

Partners in the iCabin connected cabin research project

HAMBURG— To great fanfare, Diehl rebranded its business and unveiled a new-look stand on the first day of the Aircraft Interiors Expo.

The company has changed its name to Diehl Aviation in order to unify its five business units under a single name.

Speaking with PAX International after the official unveiling of the new branding on Tuesday morning, CEO Rainer von Borstel was upbeat about the “new spirit” which the Diehl team exuded on the revamped stand.

This year’s booth features an impressive cabin mock-up to showcase Diehl’s capabilities and expertise in the competitive line-fit and retrofit arena.

New features include fully integrated cabin linings, lighting, cabin management systems, monuments and galleys.

Von Borstel noted the general trend for customization onboard, as airlines seek to differentiate themselves.

“Airlines are trying to define and develop their own cabins,” he said, adding that Diehl Aviation could supply all cabin features onboard except seating.

The mock-up also features new, larger overhead storage bins and the redesigned PRM lavatory system located next to the galley, enabling two additional rows of seating to be added.

It also showcased the smart galley system; new digital features, such as LED lighting available in myriad colors and patterns; and high-tech 3D-printed mouldings.

Talking about the competitive MRO landscape, von Borstel noted the continuing trend for consolidation among both airlines and suppliers. “We have to be agile to cope with the challenges,” he concluded.

In other news, Diehl Aviation hosted a meeting on Tuesday morning with notable aerospace partners like Boeing, Etihad Engineering, Bühler, Jeppesen, KID Systeme and Zodiac Aerospace, to unveil the new iCabin research project.

The project aims to set a new standard for airline cabin connectivity and seeks to make sense of the big data that even a passenger seat can collect.

Diehl and its partners officially kicked off the joint research project in February 2018 to address the connected cabin of the future. The project is supported by the German Federal Government (BMWi).

The media briefing session, titled "iCabin: research for a networked intelligent aircraft of tomorrow", featured top speakers from the partner companies. Etihad expects to be flying with the connected cabin from 2021.

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